Why you should have your films scanned:


Archival & Storage – over time, your negatives and slides will deteriorate, and eventually become impossible to reprint. Your precious images will be lost forever. Get them scanned and converted NOW before it’s too late.


Image manipulation – once scanned, the digital images that we send you can be manipulated on your computer with one of the photo applications (e.g. Adobe Photoshop). You can easily crop, edit and improve the look and composition of your photos.


Reprint and enlargement costs – getting reprints and enlargements directly from slides or negatives of your favourite photos can be expensive and time consuming. Getting reprints and enlargements from digital images is much cheaper and quicker. Once your film has been scanned and you have the digital images, you can either print them yourself, or send them to an online processor.


Print quality. Have you got a set of prints that all look a bit poor (out of focus, strange colour tint etc.)? You probably blamed yourself or your camera. In fact, there’s a chance it was the film processor that ruined your prints, and that the original images on the negatives are considerably better than the prints. Once the film has been scanned, you can have your images reprinted in all their proper glory.


Nostalgia - there's nothing to match bringing old photos and slides back to life. They can be printed out, emailed to friends and family, or even printed onto greetings cards, handbags, mugs......the list is almost endless. Digital images allow you to enjoy your photos again.



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