Frequently Asked Questions


Why are your prices so low?

We are able to offer these prices because we are a small home‑based business. We have no expensive overheads.  Occasionally we see cheap offers for scanning from other companies; if you are considering trying them, please check that they will scan at high resolution (at least 3200 DPI), and that dust removal, colour correction and autofocus are all included. We have had a number of customers who have asked us to rescan their films, having been disappointed with the quality of scans from a previous attempt with a different company.


Can you offer other scanning services?

Yes, we can offer a range of other services including TIFF file formats, 16-bit colour scans, 110 films, etc. etc. See our price list or email us for more details (


Are there any extra costs?

No, there are no hidden extras.  The prices shown on this listing are all you will pay to have your films scanned.


Can you offer bulk discounts

Unfortunately, we do not offer discounts for bulk orders. However, we believe our prices are competitive and prefer to offer the same low rates to all our customers, regardless of quantity.


Can you offer this service outside the UK?

Yes, we already have customers in Europe and North America. The price for scanning is the same, but postage costs will obviously vary. Please contact us ( for a quote.





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