Here is a selection of some of our scanned images. Please click on the title for a larger image (please note that these larger images can take some time to download, depending on your internet connection speed. Also, they are still significantly smaller than the full size scans which we send to our customers)

Lavenham, Suffolk (7.5MB)
Lavenham (Full).jpg
JPG image [7.3 MB]
Great Wall of China (3.9MB)
Great Wall (Full).jpg
JPG image [3.8 MB]
Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao (2.7MB)
Guggenheim (Full).jpg
JPG image [2.7 MB]
C-Type Jaguar (3.5MB)
35mm Negative (Full).jpg
JPG image [3.4 MB]
Two details from a scan of a 35mm slide - one with automatic dust & scratch removal (digital ICE), and the other with this feature disabled


Detail with Digital ICE (0.1MB)
35mm Slide detail ICE.jpg
JPG image [106.8 KB]
Detail with no Digital ICE (0.1MB)
35mm Slide detail.jpg
JPG image [102.0 KB]