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Here are just a few comments from our many satisfied customers:


I can say that I am completely satisfied with the prompt, efficient service that you provided in scanning my film. The quality of each scanned image surpassed previous scans from two other 'professional' laboratories that purported to provide top quality, detailed scans. I have no hesitation in recommending your work to other camera enthusiasts and will certainly use your services in future.

Peter Carew




May I congratulate you on your excellent work. The scans and original film material arrived here on Friday in good condition. No problems whatsoever reading from the DVDs, and all is in order. We have archived the images, and you can safely remove your copies from your system.

As a graphics studio producing commercial material for both print and new media, we use only those third-party resources who can consistently meet our quality, communication and deadline requirements. We would, without hesitation, recommend Pro-Scan for volume acquisition of 35mm colour-negative material.


With best regards,


Humphrey Weightman

Simprim Studio Services





Received the disc with the scans of my slides today and am very pleased indeed with the results. They are excellent, thank you.

I certainly would not hesitate to use your sevice again and look forward to receiving my originals at your convenience.

Many thanks for a top class service.

Paul Robson (freelance photographer), UK



The DVDs & CD arrived this morning and I had an opportunity to check them through this afternoon. 

Congratulations on a truly magnificent job. I am very pleased with the results, as I am sure you must be yourself.

It was with an expectant air of anticipation that I loaded up the discs, one after the other, and found later that I had been glued to my chair for two hours, soaking up many memories. Some of the slides, in particular those of my daughter, were brought back to life on what turned out to be a fiftieth anniversary. She was 4yrs old when I took the shots and she was 54yrs old today. 

I made a few A4 size prints and am very pleased with the results.

Charles Parsons, UK



I've been checking out the photos. Everything is fine. You actually got more out of some pictures than I expected......Very happy with the film scanning. Superb communication and quick service.

G Hardarson, Iceland



Many thanks - the discs arrived today. We're very pleased with the quality

of the photos - so much better than the original prints.

J Stephenson, UK


Your disc arrived today. The work you have done is absolutely first class. It brings back some cherished memories.....sent from Canada; it was worth it. Scans were excellent, will do again.

D Power, Canada


The photos are stunning - so much detail. Client pleased with rescanned slides so a job well done.

D Kay, UK


Received CD today, my compliments on your excellent service, very pleased with the results. A really excellent service, scans & slides copied to professional standards.

B Beckett, UK


I've had chance to look at the pics- very pleased thank you. It shows the quality of the 35mm transparency product considering that many of them were taken nearly 40 years ago!!

T Bleasdale, UK


They were much better quality than I had done previously (at a well-known high street shop).  I will be sending you the rest of my films to scan shortly.

S Trimby, UK


Brilliant scans, fast turnaround, excellent communications. Will use again.

A McDemott, UK




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