Ordering from us is very easy. Please open and print a copy of our order form by clicking here:

Order Form
Film Scanning Order Form.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [7.5 KB]
(Please contact us at info@pro-scan.co.uk if you encounter any problems)



Complete the form, including your contact details, and post it to us with your films. We recommend using recorded delivery to minimise the chances of your precious films going astray in the post.



We will confirm safe receipt of your films, and then they will be scanned using one of our top quality Nikon 5000ED or 8000 scanners at 4000dpi. Each image is converted into a JPEG format file, typical sizes being around 18-30MB per image. During the scanning process, each image is individually focussed, and the colour and contrast are corrected (if necessary). Also, and very importantly, any dust, scratches and specks are automatically removed from the scan using Digital ICE technology. If you are having any films scanned, it is vital that this process is included in the service, otherwise you will spend hours manually correcting your images to remove tiny specks of dust. Please see our Samples page for an illustration of the benefits of this process.



After scanning, the digital images are copied to a blank DVD, which is then posted back to you.


Once you confirm that you have received the disc(s), and that you are happy with the scanned images, we will then send you an invoice (please see Our Prices page for full details of pricing). You can pay us by cheque, postal order or credit card via Paypal. There are no additional fees for credit card payments.


When we have received your payment, we then post your original films back to you. Whoever you use to scan your precious films, you should check that they return the original films and the scanned images back to you in 2 separate deliveries. This acts as a safety net, in case either goes astray in the post. 


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