Welcome to Pro-Scan.


We offer a film scanning service to convert your film negatives and slides into clean, crisp digital images. Our extremely competitive prices start at 20p per image, and the high quality of our service is the foundation of our business.


When we receive your film, it is scanned using one of our top quality Nikon 5000ED or 8000 scanners at high resolution (4000 dpi). Each image is converted into a JPEG format file, typical file sizes being around 25MB per image (35mm). During the scanning process, each image is individually focussed, and the colour and contrast are corrected (if necessary). Also, and very importantly, any scratches, dust and dirt are automatically removed from the scan – if you are having any films scanned, it is vital that this process is included in the service, otherwise you will spend hours manually correcting your digital images to remove tiny specks of dust. See our Samples page for an illustration of the benefits of this process.



Finally, the scanned images are copied to DVD and posted back to you.


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